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30 оригинальных фотографий — Интересное — Релакс!

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(by Nives B.)

Anonymous asked: SPIT IT OUT! (notanothertimelady)



     I really like your butt.

Anonymous asked: What is about Will that you... /like/ about him?

     ”I’ve come to believe he suits me. That the things he lacks are what I can provide, and that it’s worth spending time with him. He’s interesting, and charming…a declaration about humanity; that an individual can overcome their own obstacles, and how someone can still see beauty in all that suffering.”

Anonymous asked: What ever happened to Bert? Did you know someone like Bert the chimney sweep?

     ”As I recall, he ended up living a very good life entertaining children. I payed a few more visits before I regenerated, but I stopped after that…blame insecurity, I suppose. I don’t know what he’d think, knowing that I could change my face.”


ハナカイドウ by * Yumi * on Flickr.